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Our affiliate, The Rebel Christian Publishing began with Valicity Elaine. She is a published author, who began TRC over seven years ago as a blog. It was her site for Christians to read articles/Bible Studies on “controversial” topics in the Christian community. She strived to bring the truth and share the light of Christ. In this continually stride, now TRC is a blog that turned into a Christian publishing agency.

Valicity has always fought to break barriers in the young adult Christian community, and has never been afraid to fight against the controversy. Because for her, it was not controversy, it was and still is, truth. Her focus recently shifted to a new way of bringing the Gospel to the young adults. Her heart had always been tethered to the imaginary world, things only she and God dreamt of and whispered about. Now, Valicity has begun her journey in breaking barriers all over again in a whole new realm in Christian entertainment.

A New Wave of Christian Work

With the Biblical truth covered, Valicity began working her way into the writing industry. That’s the place she’d always wanted to be. Making it her permanent home, Valicity has published one saga (I AM MAN), two standalone stories, and is in the middle of writing (and publishing) two flourishing series: Withered Rose, and Cross Academy. She also opened her doors to other emerging authors who had similar goals as she did for the Christian reading community.

Both Valicity Elaine and A. Bean felt passionately about bringing a change in the realm of Christian writing. With many hurdles, misunderstandings, and a million other land mines in this new territory, Ms. Elaine and A. Bean began anyway. Bounding on a new journey to proclaim the truth, they challenged the tropes, and forced Christian readers to sweep up the eggshells and roll out the red carpet for real Christian truths.

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All of the Rebel Christian’s books are available on Amazon for purchase or through Kindle Unlimited.

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Cross Academy, Valicity Elaine
Original Character Design

As TRC is a blog that turned into a Christian publishing agency, you can expect to see more from them soon.

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Cross Academy, Valicity Elaine