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CGM’s team of writers will be bringing you Biblical blogs based on topics and Scriptures that are vital for our spirit. Our blog will also include topics based off of sermons and things related to current events. We’ll keep you updated on the Biblical prophecies unfolding, and we won’t shy away from the Biblical truth. If you enjoy our blog (and we hope you do!), please feel free to subscribe below.

Latest Posts

The Liar part 2:

Welcome back to the lying series. This is part two! So if you haven’t read part one, then click here to catch up before moving along. For everyone else, let’s jump right into this. Why Does God Hate Liars? The Lord hates liars, but is pleased with those who keep their word. Proverbs 12:22 One…

The Liar

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire We all used to say that as kids. Well, not me, because my mom didn’t let us use the word ‘Liar”. We had to call everyone “story tellers” or “fibbers”, or simply say, “Jim Bob is not telling the truth.” Only recently (and I am an adult), have I begun…

A Solution For The Idol Worshipper

Alright, so we’re back as promised! Today, I’ve come with a gift: the solution to idol worshipping! YESSS! It’s taken forever to get here, but we’re here now so let’s waste no time. I’m ready to hop right in there and get to the goods, guys. If you’re not caught up, please go back to…

A Guide For Idol Worshippers

Welcome back! We skipped a post (or two?) in January, but we’re back again to get it poppin! So, we’ve been talking about idol worshipping and what that means. Now we need to start looking into solutions for idol worshipping. Let’s dive into this. How To Stop Idol Worshipping For some people, or in some…


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