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  • Dating (part 3)

    Dating (part 3)

    Ok this one will be short too and… I was sick, I’m sorry! I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was delightful, because mine kind of was… I fell ill. Coughing, sneezing, wrapped in three blankets, running two space heaters in my bedroom, with the heat going in full pajamas (bonnet) and socks! Fuzzy socks! I was sick…

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  • Dating (part 2)

    Dating (part 2)

    YUP! We’re back! I was in prayer, before I got into bed when I realized I hadn’t written an article for the week. So, here I am, at 11:13pm, writing an article/blog post on dating… you know this one is going to be short right? Like my eyes are sagging, but I’m dedicated to God,…

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  • Dating (part 1)

    Dating (part 1)

    WELCOME TO THE DATING GAME! Just kidding. Welcome to the dating portion on this journey to marriage. We started with being single, how to enjoy that and how to live out our purpose in our singleness. Now, we’re onto the dating portion. We’ll look at how to date as Believers, modern dating styles, things that…

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  • Singleness (part 4)

    Singleness (part 4)

    Welcome to the final part of our Singleness journey. This article will be particularly short because I don’t want to step into the dating pool. I don’t like combining topics for the sake of the compartmentalization in my own mind. So, let’s dive in so that we can be ready for the upcoming dating portion.…

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  • Singleness (part 3)

    Singleness (part 3)

    ANNNNND BOOM! We’re back, just like that! Yes folks, welcome back to part 3 of this Singleness to Marriage series. I’m so excited for today’s article, because hopefully, it’ll be the last article on singleness. But, I’m also excited because today I am going to introduce you to our forebparents, Adam and Eve. Before we…

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  • Singleness (part 2)

    Singleness (part 2)

    Alright folks, we’re back with part two of the Singleness to Marriage series. I told you all that part two would be centered on how to walk in our calling from God. But, let me back that up a little, we need to know that we have a calling in our lives, first. Then, we…

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  • Singleness (part 1)

    Singleness (part 1)

    This is the beginning of a new chapter for the young couple featured in the picture above. All the love and affection one could ask for, the happiness and joy. Every single bad thing before that moment has ebbed away as this bride and groom become one. Most of us want this, many of us…

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