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CGM is a 501c3 nonprofit

About Donate

CGM is hosting a Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner Giveaway. Our giveaways consist of meal bags of unprepared food for recipients to cook in their own homes. Would you consider making a holiday donation?

We are expecting a lot of sign ups and have already secured three shelters we’ll be donating bags too. We are interested in serving the community as a whole, and are hoping to serve one hundred households in addition to the shelters we are donating too.

The cost of a meal is $100.00.
That will include:

  • turkey (14-16lbs to feed a family of 5)
  • ham (Christmas ONLY)
  • boxes of stuffing (and cranberry sauce)
  • cans of vegetables
  • dinner rolls
  • mashed potatoes
  • dessert

Our theme this year is to make the borrowers, the lenders. God promised Israel in the book of Deuteronomy (Deut 28:12) that He’d bless them to be lenders and not borrowers, and we believe God is using CGM to do that for those in need this year. We are following the plans of God, and allowing God to use CGM to make those who normally borrow or go hungry during the holidays, the lenders, the ones who hosts Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. Help us by making a donation today.

Walmart Registry

We have an official nonprofits page on Walmart! Our nonprofit page has a registry that can make donating even easier. With a list of menu items still needed, you can choose what you want to buy, and send that item to us. It’s just like a baby shower registry. This makes donating simple and easy without the hassle of delivering items. You also avoid buying something that isn’t needed! Click here to see what we still need.


Our tax ID: 87-2134758

All donations received for the holiday dinner giveaways will be used on the giveaways, whether Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Please make checks payable to Cynthia Garris Ministries Inc and send them to our mailing address for a holiday donation:

350 Northern BLVD STE 342-1185 Albany, NY 12204

Our volunteers will be delivering the meal bags. We want to give back to our volunteers by holding a volunteers giveaway. Each volunteer will have a chance at winning a turkey, ham, meal bag, and other great gifts!

Help us spread the love of Christ through a meal today.


Do you know an organization that wants to donate?

As we mentioned before, CGM is a nonprofit. All donations to us are tax deductible. If you or an organization want to make a large in kind donation, please click here, and place ‘in kind’ in the message box. Thank you!



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Dinner Giveaway

Other Ways to help

As fears of a recession grows, we see the urgency of our commitment to God and our servitude to the community. CGM is asking you to consider making a generous donation to us of any amount, or by donating food items from the list above. All donations to CGM (in the US) are tax deductible, monetary and in kind. If you want to hold a drive for us, collect cans, boxed foods, or just donate one item, please feel free to send us an email (, and we’ll set up a time with you to drop off your donation. Or, click here to shop our Walmart Registry!

Don’t want to shop?

You want to donate a turkey (and a ham), but don’t feel like shopping, and that’s alright. Click the button below or use the form above to send in a donation of the cost of a menu item and we’ll do the shopping for you! Or, simply make a general donation and we’ll still do the shopping for you! Donate