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Bringing the Gospel Around the World

What your giving means for us and the world

Sowing a seed to help us take the Gospel around the globe allows you to sow into the Kingdom of God (2 Cor 9:11). God repays those who give because it is an act of generosity (Prov 11:25), and our God is generous (2 Cor 9:6-7). Your giving is reflection of our Father in Heaven. Not only that, every time you sow to our ministry, that is one more soul we are able to reach, and with the world rapidly coming to an end, reaching souls is more important than ever before! Help us get the Gospel to those who are hungry and thirst, so that they may be satisfied with the Word (Matt 5:6). We thank you very much for generosity, and we are grateful for your partnership with our ministry. 

Things to remember when giving: 

Tithes: the first 10% of your gross income

Offering: your offer to God of any amount

Pastoral Love Offering: a gift donated to our Pastor, celebrating and appreciating her dedication to Christ.

Seeds: a giving to God of any amount sown in faith

Ministry Outreach: these seeds are for traveling to preach, bringing in speakers, hosting conferences, etc. 

*During different seasons, we will also have ‘funds’ available for donations (ie ‘first fruits fund’, ‘Ethiopia fund’, etc)

Other Ways to give

As our ministry grows, and our church services begin, we have made giving even easier by logging onto your favorite apps. Now you can find our official accounts on apps and sites you trust.

Check out the list below:

Cashapp: $CGMinis



More Ways to help

Do you have a passion for fundraising? We’ve got you covered. We have placed the power of donating in your hands! As an official charity on GuideStar, we have been recognized across multiple platforms, including PayPal, GoFundMe, Facebook, and Instagram to name a few.

Now you can help us raise money via anyone of those platforms. For Facebook and Instagram, simply start a post and select CGM as the charity you’d like to raise money. It’s that simple! Everyone on your profile will be able to give, and they’ll get to see that you’re apart of CGM too!

If you prefer a more official route, click here for our charity page on PayPal or head over to our page on GoFundMe.

Remember that sowing a seed to help us take the Gospel around the globe is building up the Kingdom.

We are a 501c3 approved non-profit