Christmas Dinner Giveaway

Cynthia Garris Ministries is proud to present our first Capital Region Christmas Dinner giveaway! 

In previous years, we’ve hosted dinner giveaways during the holiday season. As we relocated last year, and took the year to get ourselves established here in the Capital Region, we’re now ready to being hosting events, and bringing the community together. CGM was based in Buffalo, NY for over ten years as a sector of International Church For All People. We worked feverishly to serve the community and beyond. Reaching all the way to Kisi Kenya, we held food and supplies drives, and were able to send countless boxes of supplies to feed the hungry, orphans, and many in the area. We also sent school supplies, Bibles, and literature.

This year, CGM will be serving the needy and those who may otherwise go hungry during this holiday season. We will be giving away bag of food with everything you’ll need to prepare a Christmas meal; ie turkey, canned veggies, etc.Recipients will need to pick up their bag from the Crossgates Mall (more details coming soon) during a specified time slot.

Time: 6:00PM-7:30PM

Location: Crossgates Mall (1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany NY, 12203)

The Menu: all food contents are not cooked! You will receive packaged food items, canned, boxed, and frozen, for your meal.

  • Turkey (you may receive a physical turkey or a turkey certificate)
  • Mashed Potatoes and gravy
  • Stuffing and cranberry sauce
  • Can(s) of vegetables
  • Dinner rolls (corn bread)
  • Dessert
  • Macaroni and Cheese

To sign up to receive a meal bag, please click here to grab a ticket. Each sign up is per family, not individual. Our meals will feed a family of 5. Please be advised: an adult, 18 years old or older must be present to pickup your meal bag. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email and a follow up email (in the coming weeks) that will ask you to confirm you’re still interested in picking up a bag.

Want to donate? CGM is a 501c3 charity and your donations (monetary or in kind) are tax deductible. Consider making a donation as we reach the Capital Region community. Your donation will help us reach one hundred families! We are doing our part, and we hope you’ll do yours this holiday season. Any donation, monetary, or in kind (we need turkeys-see our Walmart registry!) is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Donate

DISCLAIMER: By signing up, you agree to our terms and conditions and confirm you are 18 years old or older. You (and your family) are releasing Cynthia Garris Ministries Inc and volunteers from all claims against them that may occur upon receipt of meal or consuming meal contents. All injuries, sickness, and related misfortunes and claims cannot be held against Cynthia Garris Ministries Inc and volunteers. Cynthia Garris Ministries Inc and volunteers are not responsible for illnesses, misfortunes (ie late for an appointment, stuck in traffic, anything of this relation), and or injuries related to pickup, delivery, consumption, or cooking of food received. Pickup, receive, cook, and consume meal contents at your own risk and discretion.

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