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  • Singleness (part 4)

    Singleness (part 4)

    Welcome to the final part of our Singleness journey. This article will be particularly short because I don’t want to step into the dating pool. I don’t like combining topics […]

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  • Singleness (part 3)

    Singleness (part 3)

    ANNNNND BOOM! We’re back, just like that! Yes folks, welcome back to part 3 of this Singleness to Marriage series. I’m so excited for today’s article, because hopefully, it’ll be […]

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  • Singleness (part 2)

    Singleness (part 2)

    Alright folks, we’re back with part two of the Singleness to Marriage series. I told you all that part two would be centered on how to walk in our calling […]

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  • Singleness (part 1)

    Singleness (part 1)

    This is the beginning of a new chapter for the young couple featured in the picture above. All the love and affection one could ask for, the happiness and joy. […]

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  • Patience: Your Ultimate Guide to Waiting

    Patience: Your Ultimate Guide to Waiting

    Patience, the long time opponent of every Believer ever. It’s that one Fruit of the Spirit we overlook or conveniently forget when we are begging God to make us like […]

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  • Believing is So NOT Seeing

    Believing is So NOT Seeing

    We’ve heard the saying, “seeing is believing”, as in, you believe in what you see. Things you can touch and feel, things that your eyes can register as real. But […]

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  • Why Are You So Angry?

    Why Are You So Angry?

    Let’s figure out what anger is and how to combat it!

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