Thanks for visiting us today!

Pastor Cyndi and CGM

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are so glad to have you. Cynthia Garris Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization that spreads the message of Jesus Christ to all who will hear it. We believe that God sent Jesus to earth through the immaculate conception. Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected for the forgiveness of sins, and left us the precious gift of the Holy Spirit after His ascension to heaven. We also believe Jesus is coming again. 

We relocated last year, and took the year to get ourselves established here in the Capital Region, and we’re now ready to being hosting events, and bringing the community together.

CGM was based in Buffalo, NY for over ten years as a sector of International Church For All People. We worked feverishly to serve the community and beyond. Reaching all the way to Kisi Kenya, we held food and supplies drives, and were able to send countless boxes of supplies to feed the hungry, orphans, and many in the area. We also sent school supplies, Bibles, and literature.

From church services to Facebook, when COVID-19 hit, CGM adapted with the times. While we were once a small church in the basement of Pastor Cyndi, as time progressed, we grew into the blossoming organization you hear about today. As times begin to change again, and seasons change, CGM is ready to move from virtual to reality.

Following the guidelines for COVID-19, our church closed (like many others), and we moved to online teaching. God has called us now, to join back into the physical community and that begins here, in the Capital Region of NYS. CGM’s only purpose is to glorify God through our service and dedication to His people. From exorcisms, to miraculous healings, CGM has experienced it all, and now we are making our way into your homes to experience Jesus for yourself. 

We at CGM are are committed to being those who have come to turn the world upside down, and we want you to be apart of that! So we welcome you to our ministry: Acts 17:6