The Liar part 2:

Welcome back to the lying series. This is part two! So if you haven’t read part one, then click here to catch up before moving along. For everyone else, let’s jump right into this.

Why Does God Hate Liars?

The Lord hates liars, but is pleased with those who keep their word.

Proverbs 12:22

One may ask: Why does God Hate Liar?

Because liars deceive people from the truth. And what does the truth do?

It sets us free (John 8:32).

But why else?


No answer? What other reason would God have to hate a liar?

Well, we know that Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44), so if you’re lying, you’re behaving as a child of Satan and not a child of God, and we are separated from God. People take that lightly. Behave like you belong to Satan today, and tonight you’re back being God’s child? A transfer of parentship is not so easy. When you choose to become the child of Satan, you choose to give up your kingship, your inheritance of the Kingdom of God, and live for Satan. When Jesus asked us to choose today, life or death, every time you open your mouth and lie or deceive someone, tell a white lie, or spread gossip/false information, you’ve made your choice. You answer him with death on your lips.

Children and Truth

When you become a child of Satan, you transfer your birthright to him, and all Kingdom blessings are removed from you. I’m sure you remember Jacob and Esau. When Esau foolishly, and without concern for his future, gave away his birthright to his brother for a bowl of soup. We saw the bomb that set off for him. With no birthright, Esau was no longer entitled to his first born blessings, which is why Jacob received it… well, we know Rebecca had Jacob dress up as Esau and receive his blessing from Isaac, however, it was predestined by God for the older to serve the younger. Nonetheless, what I was saying was that when you willingly transfer your birthright to Satan, all the dangers of the satanic kingdom are attached to you.

So, we’re set free by the truth, which means when we aren’t living in truth we are living in bondage. Telling lies separate us from God (the way Satan was separated from Him), but there’s still a reason more why God hates liars.

This is the whole reason God asked me to write this article series:

God hates liars because lying means you are well aware of the truth, but you choose to reject it. And who is the truth?

John 14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

So boom, we see right there, that Jesus is not only the way and the life, but He is also the Truth. And this connects with what we talked about in the previous article where we said that when we lie, we know the truth. It’s the same thing here. When we lie, we know we are rejecting Christ for our own gain or to save our own hind. We know that Jesus is the truth, but we have decided not to believe Him, and to go as far as to deceive others from knowing Him. That’s what lying represents, and that’s why God hates it.

Well, I lied about eating two doughnuts when I had five. How is that rejecting Jesus?

Because Jesus is the truth, and every time you choose to lie, you do not choose the truth, or Jesus.

Ok but how does that push others not to know Him?

It’s like I said, this lying about how many doughnuts you ate is symbolic of what lying looks like in spiritual terms. If we solely look at the spirits, when we lie, we know that Jesus is King, but decide to tell everyone else that He is not king. Now, that may not be what you’re lying about, but that is the symbolism in the Spirit.

So, I just want to say one thing, which will be redundant until you reach the end. When we choose to lie, we choose to reject Christ. And when we choose to lie, we are choosing to satisfy ourselves. Which just goes back to the articles I’d been talking about: idol worshipping.

You read that right. Lying is a form of idol worshipping.


Because you are choosing to set yourself before God. You are sitting on your own throne, calling the shots, deciding that it’s better to reject the truth than accept it and teach it or tell it. So, in this sense, not only is lying a form of idol worshipping, but sin in general is a form of idol worshipping. We just don’t realize that we’ve idolized ourselves.


In our next article, we’ll start looking at idol worshipping from a new perspective. We will learn how idolizing ourselves, giving into our sin nature, sets us on the throne and pushes God off. For now, go back and revisit those idol worshipping blog posts to prepare for what’s to come.

Until then.


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