Singleness (part 2)

Alright folks, we’re back with part two of the Singleness to Marriage series. I told you all that part two would be centered on how to walk in our calling from God. But, let me back that up a little, we need to know that we have a calling in our lives, first. Then, we need to know how to recognize when God’s calling, and ultimately, how to answer that call. Finally, we’ll learn how to walk in that calling.

Step three: Answering the how’s

So last post we went over the first two steps (prayer and understanding the why-see here for the post). This week we’ll only cover one step in the singleness journey, and it’s answering the ‘how’s’.

Let’s be straight, we all have them: how is God going to find someone for me? How long am I supposed to wait? How do I know if (s)he’s the one? How… How… How…? Well, I’m here to answer the how’s, just not those how’s, at least not yet. Those how’s belong in our next step in this journey to marriage: Dating. But that’s later. Right now, we need to focus on a different set of how’s, the ones that belong in the singleness category.

Three How’s in Step Three:

How 1: How to know/recognize my calling?

How 2: How to answer the calling on my life? (this one’s the easiest)

How 3: How to walk in my calling?

Does anyone know another name for calling? I do. Since I’m the only one here right now writing, I’ll just give you the word I’ve got… purpose. That’s right, substitute purpose for calling, and then see if the how’s make more sense. I’ll give you a second…

How 1: Recognzing my calling

Your purpose, or calling, is not your own, that’s going to help you. If you think that you’re the greatest business man on the planet, and there’s none other like you because you’re you, then I can almost (almost) guarantee that’s not your calling. Why? Because our calling, every single believer on this planet’s calling and purpose is servitude.

Well, Bean, my business serves. So what’s wrong?

Does your business serve you or the Kingdom? There’s a fine line there because people often think that if their business makes money or whatever job they have is bringing in a lot of money, that somehow they’re wrong. Not necessarily. If you’re bringing in money and not paying tithes and offering, then you might want to double check that. But money isn’t the issue, it’s your heart.

Are you about to quote that one scripture about money being the root of all evil?

Nah, because that’s not what we’re talking about. And just as a side note, that scripture says the ‘love’ of money is the root of all evil, not money (1 Tim 6:10). But I digress. Your heart is the issue here in figuring out your calling. In your heart of hearts, you know you’re really good at math, but what does God say about your life? What does God think about your math skills? And it may be that He gave you those skills to serve the Kingdom, or they’re just gas in the tank to get where you need to be to serve the way God has purposed you to.

So, let’s jump back to serving the Kingdom.

Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.

1 Cor 10:24

Alright, that scripture really says exactly what I’ve been trying to say. The church is often referred as the Body of Christ. Why? Because we are all one functioning unit. Romans 12:4-5, and 1 Cor 12:12 tell us that though there are many members, we are each a part of one body. Romans even goes as far as to say that each individual member is a part of the Body of Christ, and each other.

What does that mean?

It means exactly what I started off with; servitude. We are all a part of one another, functioning to uplift the Kingdom. Who is the Kingdom of God? We are! Believers! So, all our talents, all our gifts, everything we do is poured into one big pot to be served to everyone at the table of God. And when you begin to wonder what your calling is, the first thing you’ll want to ask God, and ask yourself, is how do I serve others?

To recognize your calling and purpose in Christ, you must first recognize that your life is meant for servitude. When you realize this, then you can step forward and allow God to breathe His plans and His will into your life.

How 2: Answering God’s call

I tell you the truth, as Jesus always says, I had NO plans to become a writer. You may not have known that since I haven’t shared much about myself, but I am an author. My Biblical apocalypse series, The End of the World, was a best seller on Amazon in the Christian fantasy and futuristic genres for weeks. I’ve written other things since then, and my newest series, The Woof Pack, is set to have book two released next month and book three sometime before Christmas. But don’t worry, if you happen to be a fan of apocalypses, and really liked The End of the World, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a secret: next year, I’ll be releasing another apocalypse series!

So why did I just spend a paragraph talking about myself? Well, I wanted you all to know how successful I’ve been in my writing. Not because I’m the greatest author of all times, though, I will say God has blessed me to be pretty great-hahaha! But, I am very humbled in my writing, very appreciative of what God has done for me and through me with this career. My intentions were to be a musician as a hobby until I could make a career out of it. I wanted to make it big, change the Christian music industry, while also working as a business owner. But God had other plans for me, and I’m thankful I followed them.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jer 29:11

Did you seriously think I’d do these how’s without using this scripture? I couldn’t resist it, but truthfully, it’s a scripture God stirred in my heart to add to this article. God’s plans for us are always for good, for prospering, for hope and a future. Which means, the will (or plan) of God for our life is not one where you’ll be broke busted and disgusted. It’s a good plan if we trust God to fulfill it.

Yes, you will have to make sacrifices, and yes, you may have to go down before you come up, but I promise it’s worth it. But reread that sentence again. I said you will have to make sacrifices, and you may have to go down before coming up… that’s not necessarily a guaranteed thing.

I’ll never forget that God told me twice before I became a writer to start writing. I told myself I wouldn’t let Him tell me a third time or He might pass me by. So, I picked up pen (or really, I sat at my iPad) and began to write. But I didn’t lose all my money, I didn’t become ill, I just shifted gears and began writing. Was I a little sad about not making music-a little. But, I knew there was a purpose for me here in this writing realm, especially because I was no good at first.

Yeahhhh, I was a sucky writer (I’m much better now, thanks be to God), but God blessed me at that skill level. He took what I had, just like when Jesus fed the multitude, He took the sack lunch and gave thanks, and God multiplied it. God had done it again. He took what I had, the skills I had, guided me to thank Him for the skills He’d given me, and then He blessed my writing, which is why I’m so much better now.

To begin my career, I wrote a middle grade fiction story, Too Young. And I thought that was it. That since I wasn’t a fan of reading and writing, I could just be a children’s author, wouldn’t put to much effort in, just kind of write whatever. WRONG. I was so wrong!

Too Young was my introduction to writing. God wanted to get my feet wet, because He never sends us without first, preparing us. After I finished Too Young, about two weeks later, God gave me another idea for the next story. The idea was a boy finds a well, and it’s gives him the ‘Living Water’, or the Holy Spirit. I was intimidated by the idea because, I was a children’s writer! Not a real writer. But God had different plans for me, good plans, and when ‘The Living Water’ was released this year, it was a top ten seller in Christian romance and contemporary on Amazon, and rode the waves of top five for a while.


So, I’m going to end this one here. In the next post, we’ll hit the third how, and we’ll (hopefully) finish up the last few steps of singleness to stick our toes into the dating pool. How’s that sound? Hopefully good. I can’t wait to begin talking about Adam and Eve, we may touch on it for the next post, but don’t worry, Adam and Eve’s love story actually sets the stage for our own love stories. So, look forward to learning about our fore parents in a more intimate way like never before!

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