The Harvest is Here!

Part of a harvest is sowing seeds to have something to reap when the harvesting season comes. When a seed is released into the ground, it is covered with dirt, and the sower puts all faith in the ground to bring that seed to life. The one who sows tends to that seed, but from above ground, giving it the proper nutrients and making sure there’s proper light and water for the seed to grow. Then one day, suddenly, that seed has a little green shoot above the ground, and from there it grows until it is time to be harvested. That is the same with our faith.

Sowing a seed of faith is the release of our plans, our lives, health, relationships, and situations into the hands of God to allow Him to work in the secret place to bring them into manifestation. When the sower releases the seed, he has no control of what happens below ground except for the cultivation he can do above ground. We are the same way. Releasing our situations into the hands of God,  and sending up prayers as cultivation, moves the hands of God, as He steps past time and works in the spiritual realm on our behalf.

Give into the Kingdom of God today, and sow this seed as a step of faith. When you take a step of faith, you are taking a step towards trusting God to bring you the harvest. Start today, move forward today, and sow your seed! 

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